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their own set of people, a variety of activities in the political arena have the name of a professional killer.It is said, then had someone take a letter to Dai Li Ya-chiao, meaning: If you oppose Generalissimo, I will kill you. Ya-chiao said: "I do not have words for you, chairman courteous, you are agreeable, chairman of the brusque, you Jieruchou "This sleepy Chiang Meng brother to brother, Yong Jiang problems went hostile stance. But Dai arranged the assassination of Ya-chiao, Wang stabbed or because the case.November 1, 1935, the KMT Central fourth Sixth Plenary Session held in Nanjing Central Committee. After the group photo of all the participants, a reporter suddenly drew a pistol from a camera in the middle of the alignment even put three shots Wang, Wang hit the seriously  nike air max thea womens wounded. I was also struck down the spot assassin, died the next day. The investigation, this person is dawn news agency reporters Sun Fengming.After Wang was stabbed, and sometimes stir up a storm in the KMT, it is precisely on this day and did not participate in Chiang photography, people suspected of Chiang Kai-shek. Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang immediately launched an attack to Chiang Kai-shek, Li Tsung-jen, Pai Chung-hsi also call the Chiang Kai-shek: words have questioned tone:. "Guarded venue still to mob should be severely punished urgent to punish Xiongwan" As a member of the KMT Central Monitoring

 wife Wang Chiang Chen Bijun also face accusations: "You do not want to speak with Mr. Wang on Well, why this murderous "Chiang also recognizes as furious, immediately summoned the Dai Li, rebuke, said: "They hit the headquarters, you do not know to spend several hundred thousand dollars a month, let it limit you out of this thing cracked in three days.  case, or to your head. "Dai returned to spy place, the men who gave it also to follow suit, and personally detection rate of human tissue. After many detection surveys, editorial director of the news agency caught dawn light He slope wife and other people, torture interrogation of the Ya-chiao, Walker's, who dictates, reported after Chiang Kai-shek, decided to arrest Ya-chiao et al. But by this time had gone Ya-chiao Hong Kong Dai Li went on to arrest people.But Dai plane, it was the Hong Kong authorities to withhold the name of the illegal carrying of firearms nike air max tn uk in Hong Kong, closed for three days only after representations by the Nanjing government release, which adds to the Dai Li Ya-chiao hatred.After many trials and the underlying investigation, learned to hide Ya-chiao have Guangxi Wuzhou. The time of the Guangxi Clique's mastery is not open to arrest, coupled with the many partisans Ya-chiao, I do not know what will happen. Thus, the Dai Li on the secret spy school, go to the assassination of Ya-chiao Wuzhou. One night, when Ya-chiao while visiting a woman, hidden spy who surrounded them, the assassination of Ya-chiao his death.Shao instrumentMr. Tong Chuan fewer words, born in 1860, the early years of study in the U.S., after returning home had worked in the Qing government. After the

 Revolution, was appointed to the North and South and Plenipotentiary Yuan, as the Prime Minister's first president Yuan Shikai any time. After joining the alliance, to participate in law enforcement military government in Guangdong, one of the seven president. In 1931, Chiang Kai-shek government participated in Guangdong. "Nine  Eighteen" Incident, the KMT central monitoring committee, member of the National Government. Is one such official does not fall on the "Sanchaoyuanlao" 1938 was assassinated in Shanghai Dai sent.After 1937, the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the Japanese attack on Shanghai, the KMT Chiang Kai-shek has mobilized seventy-three division in Shanghai with the Japanese launch a decisive battle. Battle of Shanghai played for three months to November, the Japanese army stationed in Shanghai, the KMT in full retreat. Soon, the fall of Nanjing, the KMT asics gel noosa tri 6 uk  Central Committee and the national government to withdraw Wuhan first, then moved to Chongqing.At this time, the KMT party and government officials have fled to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and sent many times to persuade Mr. Tong left Shanghai to Hong Kong, but Mr. Tong inaction. At this time, the Japanese invaders occupied the area in a hurry to find a reputable, qualified Chinese politicians have come forward to organize the regime, in order to achieve the "Hua Zhihua" strategy, he took a fancy to Mr. Tong, sent an envoy to visit Mr. Tong, He came forward to organize the mobilization regime.

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 multiplied by their history bulletproof car driving back from Hangzhou to Shanghai. All cars a total of six people: the history of the amount of history was the son of Yong Geng, Geng Yong Deng students ancestral consultation with the driver sitting in the front row, the amount of history and a relative she had got only a couple sitting behind.At 3 pm, he drove to two li Weng Jiabu station at NATO, see Jing Zi No. 72 car parked on the road, five or six people around the car and some in the car, and some are looking around. History of the amount nike air max 2013 uk before the car to leave the car when a Zhang Yuan, Suddenly a whistle, these people come together to pull out a gun, shot the car history. The driver of a hurry, "squeak" sound stopped the car, just parked in front of these persons. For a time the bullets flying, deafening gunfire. Geng Yong Shi Kai door and hurried exodus, Dion went after the injury Jiabu station for help. History of the amount before the couple jumped out of the car and Ms. Zhou also fled. There are only two spies to see the amount of history ran hastily armed chase. History of the amount it ran half a mile away, drill into a peasant family, hallway and over. Chase spies saw the two men a greeting, a track into the other around to the back of the interception. History volume just out the back door and was hit in the foot spy shot, stagger ran beside a pond dried up, and fell to the

 ground. Two spies to catch up to the amount of history was the head fired two shots, one shot from the mouth into the brain, another shot into the left ear, all in the key and immediately died. Driver Huang Youcai, Deng Yong Geng students ancestral inquiry also killed.Spies who see achieved, Speed ​​fled, half the plate for a midnight opening back to the chickens and geese Lane 53. Half an hour after the gunfire stopped, history Yong Geng was recruited some people from the neighborhood rushed to the scene, and to borrow a truck aviation schools, three bodies will be shipped back to Hangzhou.History of the amount was only after the assassination nike air max 2014 cheapshocked the country, have denounced, asked the Government to apprehend the murderer. Chiang also posturing on the surface side of the telephone order, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai-Hangzhou and Shenzhen, "Hyde" and offering a reward of ten thousand yuan; side to the amount of the national government in the name of history before calling condolences to the families. Secretly, they sent spies actions carried five thousand yuan reward. Meanwhile, the oppression of "declaration" conform to the KMT, to stop the "freedom" supplement and "declaration Monthly",Dai Li exchange quote is sworn brother, also funded through the early years of the Dai Li. Before entering

the Huangpu, Dai mix things in # # # meeting, went to Anhui fellow Hall in Shanghai called Ya-chiao. At that time, Ya-chiao Anhui Hall is the leader. Dai Li in Shanghai street, no food, no clothes, was introduced, met Ya-chiao. Wang kept it as a gang brothers, supporting a living to him, Dai King's men rushed about it in Britain, to help some small favor. Later, Dai Li organizational self-defense groups in their hometowns, to maintain law and order in the home. Ya-chiao when its just been appointed military governor of Zhejiang, Zhejiang Lu Yongxiang Rangers commander in Huzhou recruiting, the formation of the troops, he wrote to the Dai Li, asking him nike air max 95 cheap to help.Dai Li to Huzhou after the Ya-chiao, where they met Hu Hu Tsung-nan and hold a four people they became brothers to Ya-chiao older longest, becoming the league three brothers, three of whom are appointed by Ya-chiao column that long. Dai Li was positive for the self-defense groups to build a lot of debt owed to worry about, listening to Ya-chiao promised to help return, they also happily accept the appointment, and follow straight Anhui Ya-chiao participated in the war, thought that this development can be used for rank of the order. Unexpectedly, the outcome of the war, Lu Yongxiang was defeated Sun Chuan-fang, power step down, Ya-chiao, who also Zuoniaoshousan, the Ben afar.Later, Dai Li was ordered by Chiang Kai-shek at the helm of spies, wanted to recruit Ya-chiao, but because of Chiang Kai-shek conducted

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 But Chiangviolence, kidnapping, torture and assassination can put the weakest stifle freedom struggle", "We not only have not been intimidated, Yang Quan pay for freedom price but to make uschange Debu  either force the people to change, and thus destroy the complex. sad things are, what over here! '"so today bandits as Yang boiling soup." "communism, exercises had become a deep-rooted The doctrine, "" I think today's 'bandit' definitely not 'destroy' are available 'off'  "and" appeasement of the road, as they have, should have, but disabled people to succeed ear! "In addition, the "declaration" also supports "China's human rights protection alliance" asics gel kayano 18 womens  struggle.Open early, in order to win over the history of the KMT Chiang amount of talent, gave him many titles, such as: Rural Reconstruction Committee, Managing Director of Zhongshan Cultural Education Center, honorary president of the Red Cross, Shanghai temporary council meetings and long, but it has not changed "declaration" tendencies. The end result of "large wave" thing, the intensification of conflicts.In 1930, an important figure in the Kuomintang appointed Zhu Jiahua its Central University, during which funds owed up to six months, and students grudges

very well. In 1932, Zhu Jiahua transferred to the Nanjing government ministers # # #, Peng was appointed president of the tin section. After the arrival segment, with students in conflict, was wounded students. "Declaration" the insider revealed large wave, said to be due to "funding Sekihisa delinquency, school authorities claims no discussion of" walls have been pointing their finger # # # and the Nanjing government. Zhu Jiahua and the Kuomintang in Shanghai Party director Steven Gongzhan it were to Chiang wrote a long letter and report, will "declare" all the progress deeds reporting, Chiang Kai-shek that with a red pencil installment of "declaration prohibits post" six characters, the Shanghai Garrison Command execution. August 1932, in addition to Shanghai concession, the "declaration" in the country is trapped. History of the amount it clear through various relationships, Chiang Kai-shek is required by the KMT Central Committee Propaganda Department send personnel guidance, only the amount of refuse was air max 1 cheap    This was a great influence on public opinion, in order to make a gesture, Chiang Kai-shek in the volume history of oppression was to make some concessions after not allowed to "declare" recovery post, while the amount of preparation at the mercy of history before himself. Between 1934 summer and fall, the amount of history has finally issued the order before the assassination. This task and duty-bound to the Dai Li.Dai Li was ordered after that person at Shanghai, Shanghai's spy organization was to monitor the amount of history and tracking, to ascertain the amount of action before the law of history. Later, through the relationship of the gang, from the history of the amount before the driver's mouth Snoop amount of history was often go to Hangzhou, each live in their own house Autumn Hills.

 Dai Li thought, hands in Shanghai, population density, number of police officers; in the concession operations, but also afraid of spies run off occurs have caught something. They think of Hangzhou, when the amount was to take advantage of the history of Hangzhou near Autumn Hills sniper. But then I thought, or not. Because Dai Hangzhou is the place to engage the police experiment, Zhejiang province police chief his own people, the police authorities at all levels in almost all control at the hands of spies. There is a major murder, breaking one of us will find the head, it will not break the Hangzhou police cracked down a incompetence charges will be attacked.    nike air max 90 cheap  Finally decided to start work on the Shanghai-Hangzhou highway.November 6, only the amount of history to Hangzhou convalescence, the 13th from Hangzhou Fanhu.History of Dai Li got the news after the amount has been to Hangzhou before, that the rate of Zhao Li Jun and other spies to Hangzhou layout and spies who often engage in kidnapping of a Buick brand car using open to Hangzhou, Zhejiang police parked in the garage of the school was ready Two car license plate, a Beijing-word imitation is No. 72, and the other is the Hangzhou police trade license and election saw the hands-place, Snoop good history Fanhu date.The 13th day, the amount

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